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Wisconsin Bartender License

Why Take Your Wisconsin Server Training Online?

NHT trains thousands of servers of alcohol nationwide each year in classroom settings in our schools and online via our websites.

This course is Wisconsin Department of Revenue-approved and provides a convenient alternative to traditional classroom based instruction without compromising the quality of training that you expect.

The course is:

  • Recognized - by major Wisconsin employers, insurance firms and law enforcement.
  • Trusted - by over 500,000 sellers and servers from the industry.
  • Interactive - you may actually enjoy learning our engaging material.
  • 24x7 Support - for night owls, our toll-free live help or chat are always on call.
  • Over 500,000 Alcohol Safety Certifications Certificates Issued Nationwide.

We are an experienced hospitality-oriented company and will answer your phone calls with the knowledge to help you with any issues you may have.

Your Wisconsin Bartender License online alcohol course will take approximately 3 1/2 hours to complete.

A typical Wisconsin Alcohol certification class held in a classroom lasts 4 to 6 hours, costs $40 to $75 and are frequently held on weekends.

Students DO NOT have to complete the course in one sitting. You may log-in and log-out throughout the course as necessary.

This allows you to take the course over a couple of days when you have time before or after your work shifts.

No Classroom

Always logout when exiting the course and when you return, the system will automatically return to the correct chapter.

At the end of the course, you will be prompted to take a final exam. You must score 70% to pass the Wisconsin Bartender License exam.

Taking the Wisconsin Bartender License certification course online allows you to take the course on your own schedule and at your own pace. If you didn't understand part of the video, you may replay it to see it again and get the answers. This is hard to do in a large class of 20 to 30 people when an instructor is already speaking on the next subject.

In today's economy, money is tight, gasoline is at a record high and it makes sense to eliminate unnecessary trips when possible. Taking our online Basset Alcohol License course allows you to save this time and expense.

This course is focused on the issues surrounding responsible practices in selling and serving alcoholic beverages. Upon completion of the entire course and passing the final quiz, you will receive your Wisconsin Department of Revenue approved Seller/Server Certification.

You may immediately print your permanent certification. You do not need to wait for one to be mailed. We understand you need this certification to work and have made it available immediately!

After completing our course, the next step for you is to take your permanent completion certificate from our course to your local liquor authority to register and get your actual license to serve alcohol in the community you work in. Wisconsin issues these licenses in each town/city/county and they are only valid in that community.