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Wisconsin Food Manager Renewals

The State of Wisconsin requires that each establishment must have at least one certified food service manager who has passed an approved food safety exam.

Wisconsin requires any food safety manager who needs to renew their certification to take an approved recertification course. Our Wisconsin Food Manager Recertification Course is approved in Wisconsin by the Division of Public Health and is on their list of approved recertification courses.

In Wisconsin, the initial certification course may be taken online, but the test itself is required to be taken in a classroom setting.

For recertification, Wisconsin allows the course and test to be taken entirely online. Our Wisconsin 8 hour recertification course includes the training and recertification test in one package for $85.00.

The 8 hour Food Manager Recertification Course is accepted by the state of Wisconsin for recertification for those who have previously completed the initial course and examination and received their initial certification.

Follow these easy steps to renew your Wisconsin Food Safety Manager Certification:
  • Renewal Applications Must be Submitted at Least 30 Days Prior to Expiration.

  • Take our 8 Hour Wisconsin Recertification Course Online

  • Download & Complete the Wisconsin Food Safety Renewal Form Here

  • Make a Photo Copy of Your Course Completion Certificate From Us

  • Send the Application, Course Certificate and $10 to the Address Below

  • (Send your photo copy of your certificate. Originals will not be returned)

Send your completed recertification package (completed application, copy of course completion and $10) to:

Department of Health Services

Division of Public Health

Food Safety and Recreational Licensing

PO Box 2659

Madison, Wisconsin 53701-2659